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About Our Firm

After serving as an Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor for seven years Ian Goldman left his position to create “a different kind of law firm”.  He adopted the foundational principles of Integrity, Merit, and Guidance with his original law practice IMG Legal Group.  Nearly four years later Ian would be joined by Rory Joseph Wells, also a former Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor.  Ian would go on to dissolve IMG Legal and GoldmanWells Legal Group was formed in January 2018.  Those foundational principles have carried over and still guide us today.

Mission Statement

The mission of GoldmanWells is to continuously strive for the best possible outcome by using our experience and strong relationships on our client’s behalf.  When you deal with our attorneys you instantly realize we are a different kind of law firm.
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The backbone of the firm.  GoldmanWells always strives to operate with the highest level of integrity when dealing with our clients, the court, and the legal community.
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GoldmanWells always seeks to analyze the merits of our client’s case or situation.  We then go to work advocating the merits in order to obtain a favorable outcome.  This is a critical aspect of the practice of law and is where experience, reputation, and relationships matter most.
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People hire attorneys for many reasons. The legal system can be overwhelming and lengthy depending on your situation.  Clients of GoldmanWells are assured they will receive accurate reliable legal counsel for their situation.  We are honest with our clients and it is the reason we build lasting relationships.